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*Good to know (quoting wikiHow, on How to Hold Your Breath for Long Periods of Time, from the Mouth and Nose Tricks Category =)

Copy. Do you read me?

Nothing would matter for this page if I would take myself too seriously, basically this is just a small review of the present online trend promoting one page designs and under construction teasers. This is how I see most desperate attempts to keep users online and to share totally useless infos. That's why most of the things go against the "web design rules" and "intuitive interfaces", just to annoy and to test everyone's patience. Besides the fun reason creating it, the development of this page is taken very seriously. After all, this is another business card lost in cyberspace.
My "mission" is not to collect a bunch of e-mail addresses or to spam anyone, most likely these e-mails will never be used, if there is a launch, it will be a silent one, one that already begun, probably. But only for the sake of the experiment I would invite anyone to type something. Dedicated to every Space People out there, inspired by the unlimited possibilities of the Interweb =) Maybe the headline in other conditions would be “Hello! Check out my profile picture!” or “Stay Connected. I'm about to change the world!”. No, really.

Landing page (I can't help it) created in 1 hour, 9 minutes and 35 seconds, so you can imagine what the next launch will look like!

*In development, still. Fonts borrowed from my portfolio, scripts and animations picked up from google searches and from the homepage, like the Context Menu, UniTip and the Countdown Script. Intro sound courtesy of NASA. Created with sound just to have my own custom volumebar and of course, to scare people in offices.

Many thanks for those who overlooked flaws, giant cursors and stupid egocentric attitudes and promote this page in their gallery:

Update: in the meantime some thought that they can get money out of it, so free submissions were deleted. I'm too lazy to remove any dead link and honestly I don't want to mess up the log.

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Headquarter on, operation base (when I'm not pulling my nose hair or pretend to do design) on facebook, tumblr and twitter.

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For anyone interested, my breath holding record is 63 seconds.
Maybe this counts in some stinky corporation.

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